Summer Flight Training

The flying club has been working to make an aircraft available to club members. We are excited to announce that N7682U, a Cessna 150 offered for club use by alumnus Ted Acworth, is flying and will be available over the summer for rent. We outlined the details in a presentation last Thursday, May 9th. In case you missed the presentation, here are the slides that accompanied the talk:

If you have any questions, please contact

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Social at Avier

Avier fired up the grill and graciously hosted the flying club for a social on Monday with gourmet burgers out on the tarmac. We welcomed a few new members, and thanks to the weather finally cooperating, Joe was able to give rides in the Cessna 150. Avier will be hosting similar events throughout the summer, and flying club members are encouraged to join in. You can get in touch directly with Esteban at Avier.

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Hangar Talk: Bush Flying and the BD-5

This Wednesday we were fortunate to have Professor Kord Smith share with us his most recent endeavors in aviation. Given his extensive experience in backcountry flying in Idaho, he had a wealth of stories and guidance to share for those interested in learning about this unique and exciting sector of aviation. Much of Prof. Smith’s bush-flight time has been logged in a STOL-prepped 1964 Cessna 206 which he bases out of his private home-built terraced airstrip in Idaho. Professor Smith flies year-round to a wide variety of strips in Idaho’s vast wilderness areas, all with their own specific challenges. He talked us through a few particularly technical approaches to illustrate the kind of skills and analysis that make a strong bush pilot. Watch the full talk below to learn more.

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Spring Social / City Tours next Friday!

Hello Flying Club,

We’re excited for another semester of flying at MIT and are kicking it off with a spring social hosted by Avier Flight School, BVY. If you are unable to attend the whole event, but are still interested in going, please indicate that in the RSVP form.

Social Activities:

  • Learn about the aircraft rental and flight training process
  • Talk to instructors
  • Chow down and enjoy the airplanes

Event Info:
Friday, February 15 from 3 – 6pm
Depart campus at 2:05pm, arrive back on campus at 6:45pm.

Estimated Carpool Cost: $10 per person
Estimated City Tour Cost: $30 per person

Please RSVP so carpools can be arranged.

Christine Chappelle
MIT Class of 2019
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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City Tours

A couple of weeks ago the MIT Flying club ran tours of the city of Boston. Using 3 planes, we were able to take a large number of passengers to see the city of Boston from the air. We got great views of MIT, Harvard, and other local sights.

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Republic Flyout

Last month, the MIT Flying club went on a flyout to Republic airport on Long Island. We flew 6 planes there and back.

Some of us visited the Cradle of Aviation museum along the way, and a few of the planes flew the Hudson River corridor next to New York City. They got a great view of the city at sunset.

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Hangar Talk: Crashing a B727 in the Mexican Desert

Last month, MIT professor R. John Hansman talked to the MIT Flying Club about his experience crashing a Boeing 727 into the desert for entertainment and science. Video of the talk is available here:

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