Old Rhinebeck Flyout

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Fly-out

On the morning of October 8th members of the MITFC were rewarded with clear skies and fairly high temperatures to get ready for an exciting visit to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Two teams departed from Hanscom airport, while the third team left from Lawrence Municipal. Our rides for the day were in Cessna 172s, and Beech Sundowner. The IFR flight took us about 1h 20min to Kingston-Ulster airport with spectacular scenery over Massachusetts and New York.

Once all teams landed safe, we were eager to leave for the aviation pioneers airshow. Since we all got a taste of what modern GA flying feels like, we wanted to see how it was a 100 or more years ago! Old Rhinebeck welcomed us with a dozen biplanes from the WWI era, as well as with a few ancient models, called…hmm, flying machines! Yes, they were flying machines! They got those….hmm…propellers!

We got to see biplane aerobatics, old Ford T-models, explosions, a police chase on ground and in the air, a fashion show, industrial size toilette papers, and many airplane actions of course!

Time flew as fast as some of the airplanes did and soon enough, we had to say goodbye to the Wright Brothers to get back to the sky again. Quick refueling, and off we were to home base. With the Moon in front of us, and the sunset behind, we had one of a ride cruising into the night. Many thanks to David for organizing such a memorable fly-out, and thanks to everyone who attended! Happy Landings!


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