Executive Board

Christine Chappelle (President)

chapc at mit dot edu

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Christine is a junior studying Course 16, Aero/Astro. She started flying Cessna 172s at the age of 16 out of KRNT and currently holds her private pilot certificate.


Sebastian Quilter (Treasurer)

squilter at mit dot edu

Sebastian is a senior in course 6. He holds his private pilot certificate, and generally flies Cessna 172’s.


Michelle Tang (Vice President of Operations)

michtang at mit dotedu


Michelle is a sophomore majoring in AeroAstro and minoring in astronomy. She is working on earning a private pilot license.

Kefu Zhou (Vice President of Membership)

kfer38 at gmail dot com


Kefu landed his Masters in Computer Science in 2017 and works on Cloud and Artificial Intelligence projects at Microsoft New England. He started flying Cessna 172 Skyhawks in Fall 2015 out of KPDK and earned a PPL.


Eric Atkinson (Webmaster)

eatkinson at csail dot mit dot edu


Eric is a PhD student in Course 6, Computer Science. He likes to fly Piper Tomahawks and Cessna 162s.

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